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Welcome to a place where you can find out about VAERS.

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and here’s my video on the RAAS, spike and SARS. You saw it here first.

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Dr. Jessica Rose

Dr. Jessica Rose

Post Doctoral Researcher

Memorial University of Newfoundland, Bar Ilan, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Weizmann Institute, Technion Institute of Technology


Jessica Rose is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge.

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  • Surfing
  • Computational Biology
  • Data Analysis
  • Protein Biology
  • Dissident
  • Post Doc in Biochemistry

    Technion Institute of Technology

  • Post Doc in Molecular Biology

    Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • PhD in Computational Biology

    Bar Ilan University

  • Master's in Medicine (Immunology)

    Memorial University of Newfoundland

  • BSc in Applied Mathematics

    Memorial University of Newfoundland