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Welcome to a place where you can find out about VAERS.

I have the honour of a new role.

I have the honour of another new role.

Download Pfizer's adverse event data!

Let’s make Canada free again!

PANDA provides INFORMED CONSENT document.

Download PANDA_Informed-Consent.pdf.

Testimonials from Israel - the movie - and a place to tell your own story.

Decision of Rabbinical Court in New York following our testimony.

Download Kol Korei in English final.pdf.

Download Kol Korei in Hebrew final.pdf.

World Council for Health Presentation

Feel free to visit my youtube channel to see my findings summarized. or

And my updated findings summarized!

And my RAAS video that explains everything!

Open Public Hearing Session for the 167th meeting of FDA/CBER/VRBPAC

Open Public Hearing Session for the 170th meeting of FDA/CBER/VRBPAC

Try these pants on for size…

Don’t forget about OpenVAERS:

An Article written by G. Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD:

How a Mandelbrot set arises from Newton’s work:

You can report an AE in South Africa using SAVAERS:

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Dr. Jessica Rose

Dr. Jessica Rose

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Download my most recent publication.

Download my summary letter for America's Frontline Doctors.

Download my summary letter for The Kids for Ella Nave.

Download my short analysis for mothers for Dr. Peter McCullough.

Download my short dose-wise analysis for Steve Kirsch.

Download my US District Court Declaration testimony for Dr. Richard Amerling.

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